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Merouga Desert
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Popular activities in Merzouga Desert

Merzouga Activity

Booking this Desert Activities with Morocco Tourism Agency. Offers numerous advantages with, our experienced English/Spanish/Italian/Frensh knowledgeable guides. Ensure that you have a comprehensive and informative experience. With our carefully and tailored-made itineraries/ Excursion / Trips / which includes spectacular Landscapes. Make sure that a Fabulous Trip is well Guaranteed with us. Additionally booking one of the bellow activities with us means skipping away stress, efforts, and a lot of research. As a conclusion our excellent customer service ensures that any questions or concerns you may have are promptly addressed. Allowing you to have an enjoyable travel experience that can stay memorable forever.


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Merzouga Trips

Quad Biking in Merzouga Desert

Merzouga Activity

Quad Biking in Merzouga Desert

In the desert you can embark on a different adventure. Specially if you are an adventurous lover, make quad biking. This thrilling adventure allows you to navigate the sandy dunes at high speeds, providing an adrenaline-filled experience. The biking can last as much you want but it starts from 1 hour as a minimum time. Also, beside Quad biking there is Buggy its almost same, but buggy has a cover of protection that can protect you in danger cases. Quad Biking offers an exhilarating experience. The Stunning golden sand dunes is no doubt a perfect setting for adventure enthusiasts. This activity allows you to immerse and dive yourself in unfinished desert which will provide you with a very unique and exciting way experience.

If you are either looking for a thrilling ride or a peaceful journey through the desert, quad biking in Merzouga is an activity shouldn’t to be missed during your Desert stay. Most of the adventurous prefer to make quad biking to witness the stunning beauty of the desert landscape. Because riding through the dunes, gives a feel like no other. Thanks to the vastness desert that created a sense of freedom and tranquility, which will allow you to connect with nature and appreciate its raw beauty.

Quad biking in Merzouga suitable all genders’ ages even beginners, or advances riders. With the options that we offer a perfect riding is all what waits you. You have the choice to choose how many hours of ride you like. In addition, you can choose even to drive the quad on the dunes or in the off-road. Overall, the quad biking experience is a must do activity for every traveler visiting Merzouga desert just contact us, and we will take care of everything.

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Merzouga Desert Trips

Camel Trekking in Sahara Desert of Merzouga

Desert activity

Camel trekking in Sahara Desert of Merzouga Considers as the second-best activity in the desert after the quad biking. Morocco tourism agency is delighted to share with you this great activity or let’s call it a baby adventure. This thrilling adventure allows you to explore and discover the expanse of the desert while riding on the back of the camel is sincerely going to be such an interesting experience for you!! This gives you the opportunity to traverse the golden sand dunes and witnessing the breathtaking beauty of the desert landscape is truly unforgettable. With our super knowledge camel man or camel guide, you will immerse yourself in the rich culture and history of the region.

Our Desert activity starts with a warm welcome from a Morocco tourism agency Guide At the location we have given you even in Hassi lbied village or Merzouga Village. After riding the Camels we will cross the dunes to reach the desert camp for the overnight stay. At the camp you have dinner included and Berber music around the campfire. Next Day after breakfast we will dive ourselves in the golden dunes in the middle of nowhere, heading the way to the Nomad families where you will be welcomed by a glass of tea or even Berber pizza for lunch if you want. Thereafter we continue straight to Znigui Desert where your second night waits. However, your camel guide will be preparing for you the dinner. The overnight stay in Canadian tent.

Back to the Village

The third day of your Camel trekking in Sahara Desert of Merzouga still continues. Today we will ride the camel’s back to the village exactly to the Meeting point where your desert experience ends. During this unforgettable experience, you will have the opportunity to witness the magical sunrises and sunsets over the small and the high sand dunes, creating a mesmerizing spectacle. As well as this camel trek gives you the opportunity to get in touch and communicate with locals, Berbers, Nomads… We at Morocco tourism agency inform our guests to have safety, Free stress, Worry-free and much fun.

Excursion Around Merzouga Desert

Merzouga Activity

Excursion Around Merzouga Desert » Khamlia Village » Nomads » Meffis Mountain

Waking up earlier today is a must do in order to catch what might be the be the best sunrise in your life. After your desert breakfast Our exploration of this mesmerizing town Starts. Here the local’s Hospitality and welcomeness never ends. The Berber people, who have inhabited this region for centuries, offer visitors a glimpse into their traditional and culture way of life.

Our First visit is Khamila Village. Where people with black skin have created their own village after they have immigrated from Sudan, Mali, and South Africa, to Live here in Morocco. In the village we will visit one of the ancient Music associations which is famous for Gnawa Rhythms. Upon your entry a glass of tea will be given to you as a welcome says. It’s one of the traditional ways of welcoming in the the Village and the whole country. Later after having some fun and dances on the Gnawa rethemes that will make you travel through time and let you forget everything around you due to the spirituality found in music.

Next to Meffis:

A famous and independent Mountain which was colonized before by the French. Here they were extracting precious metals and eyeliner from the mountain in addition to the Galina from which mascara was made. Thereafter we continue our Excursion towards Nomad Families which lives in behind erg Chebbi dunes. We will have some time with theme under their handwoven tent which is made from camel’s skin. After a Glass of tea, we keep on our way to one of the area’s Oases to get to see what’s gowning up in the desert and how oases get the water!! Time for lunch at one of the local restaurants which is specialized in making Berbers pizza- Next we drive you to your accommodation end of our Excursion Around Merzouga Desert.

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Merzouga Desert Trips

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